MB012- Project Management Standard Committee


Each year, the Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research (DIISR) provides, as part of its grant to Standards Australia, funds to assist selected delegates from accredited Standards Development Organisations (SDOs) to participate on Australia's behalf in international standardisation activities.

These funds are provided as part of the Government's commitment to the development and adoption of International Standards, as well as the government's obligations under the WTO agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade.

The grant is intended to supplement funds from other sources since it is expected that other Australian organisations will also provide practical support for international standardisation activities and contribute to the cost of participation. This puts the onus on the committee to identify and contact those stakeholders in the Australian project management community who may be willing to provide support for standardisation initiatives.

Such sources are not only necessary but are also pragmatic in that the willingness of the external organisation to provide funds is indicative of the degree to which these organisations feel the standard is beneficial to their endeavors. Resources from external organisations may be provided to directly support a particular activity such as hosting an International Standards meeting in Australia, providing administrative support for the committee, covering advertising costs and covering the expenses of the Australia Delegation to attend international ISO meetings.

The ISO 21500 Guide to Project Management Standard will benefit the Australian project management community by aiding in the transfer of knowledge between projects and organisations resulting in improved project delivery through the application of widely recognised and accepted good practices in Project Management. Future project related standards will provide similar benefits.

Former Supporters

AIPM - Australian Institute of Project Management
DMO - Defence Materiel Organisation
QUT - Queensland University of Technology
PMI - Project Management Institute

Why  support standards development?

One of the strengths of  standards is that they are created by the people that need them. Industry experts drive all aspects of the standard development process, from deciding whether a new standard is needed to defining all the technical content. Getting involved in this process can bring significant advantages to your business. For example by:

  • Giving early access to information that could shape the market in the future
  • Giving your company a voice in the development of standards
  • Helping to keep market access open.

Providing your support will ensure that the right experts get involved in standards development and brings industry concerns and needs to bear on a process that will affect the whole profession in the future.



Standards Australia Project Manager
Eddie McGuire
Email: Eddie.McGuire@standards.org.au
P +61 2 9237 6035