MB012- Project Management Standard Committee

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the members of the MB012 committee?

An Australian MB012 committee has been in existence since 2007. Members are nominated by professional associations and public sector and educational organisations that have an interest in new project management standards. The current committee members are identified on this website. Outside of the committee, three working groups were also established to review and comment on earlier drafts during the development of ISO 21500, with invited representation from the project management community. The Australian committee's role was to facilitate these reviews and to determine appropriate review feedback to provide to the international committee, then working with that international committee to achieve consensus.

How can I contribute to the content of Standards?

The public draft of most Standards (as developed by the international committee) will be made available for public consultation. The Australian mirror committee will again collect comments from interested members of the project management community who must register their interest to do so (click here to register). Review guidance will then be provided to registered contributors.

Will ISO 21500 Guide to Project Management be adopted in Australia?

Prior to the Standard being adopted in Australia, it has to go through another acceptance process by Standards Australia. This will take about 12 months. Australia is adopting some restructuring of the standard and it should be available in 2014.

Is this the end of the development of Project Management Standards?

No. There are already plans for further standards relating to Governance, Project Vocabulary, Programme Management and Portfolio Management. Accordingly, the Australian committee will not be disbanded. It has been converted to a Technical Committee responsible for the maintenance of this Standard and the development of further standards for related areas of project management.

How will the Project Management Standard 21500 be kept current?

Standards generally get refreshed on a 3 years cycle. This will address feedback from practitioners and take account of any new related standards and advancementc in the theory and practice of Project Management.

How will I make use of the Standard?

The Standard is a framework. It is not prescriptive. As such, it outlines generic guidance on the best practice concepts and processes of project management that are important for and have impact on the success of projects.

The target readership for this Standard is:

•  senior managers and project sponsors so that they may better understand the principles and practice of project management to facilitate the provision of appropriate support and guidance to their project managers and project teams;

•  project managers and project team members so that they may have a common base of comparison of their project standards and practices with those of others; and

•  developers of national and organizational standards for use in developing project management standards, to provide for consistency at a core level with those of other nations and organisations.

Will this new Standard lead to new qualification or certification regimes?

No. This International Standard is not competency based and is not intended to replace any existing national or organisational Standard or be used in any way for certification or regulatory purposes.

Where will I be able to obtain a copy of the new Standard?

Once the Standard is adopted in Australia it will be available for purchase in Australia through SAI Global.

Does the publication of an International Standard automatically mean that it has jurisdiction in Australia ?

Technically no as those who will be impacted by it have not endorsed it for use in Australia . It must be noted, however, that as standards are voluntary documents an entity can use a standard from any standards body in the world (ISO, DIN, ANSI etc)

How does an International Standard obtain jurisdiction in Australia ?

When an International Standard is adapted/adopted by an Australian standards committee, in this case MB-012 Project Management, as an Australian Standard then the International Standard will have jurisdiction in Australia . This means that all sectors in Australia (government, academia, industry etc) that will be impacted by the document have, through their representation on the committee, agreed to abide by it.

Does Standards Australia provide accreditation and/or certification against Australian Standards?  

Standards Australia has an MOU with the Federal Government to develop Australian Standards. The power granted in this MOU does not extend to accreditation or certification. Accreditation powers are given to JASANZ and certification power is open to any organisation that can demonstrate the required competence in relation to a particular Australian Standard and obviously pay the required fees.


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