MB012- Project Management Standard Committee


Roles of the Committees

ISO/TC 258

The purpose of ISO/TC 258 is to:

  • Select appropriate project management related standards to be developed
  • Prioritise these standards and commence work on those with the highest priority
  • Maintain existing project management related standards once developed. This includes seeking feedback and making modifications where appropriate.
  • Involve interested countries in the development of standards through the ISO process
  • Most ISO Delegates have substantial mirror committees in their home country (anticipated that around 1500+ experts are involved) - Represent a wide variety of organizational sectors and areas of application - Source of knowledge - Mechanism for generating national interest - Mechanism for disseminating knowledge to their respective nations
CAC Committee

The CAG is an advisory sub-committee to the committee Chairman. Its role is to assist the Chairman and Project Manager in tasks concerning co-ordination, planning and steering of the committee or Working Groups' work or other specific tasks of an advisory nature. The CAG will also act as an advisory group on strategic issues, functional issues, communication and promotion to industry as well as assist in the selection of a balanced representation in the working groups.

NOTE: The CAG is neither a governing nor a decision making body.

CAG members comprise the Chairman, Project Manager, WG convenors, research assistants/administrators and additional representatives if necessary by invitation of the Chairman and only at her discretion. NOTE: The CAG convenor is the Committee Chairman.


The Chairperson is the representative and key contact point of Standards Australia to the ISO project committee and holds the single vote for Australia on the committee. The Chairperson attends all ISO meetings on behalf of Standards Australia and provides the Australian input into the ISO committee, S/he is also the manager of the MB012 committee responsible for overseeing the full process, monitoring of progress of work, identify critical issues, and the co-ordination of the project and its tasks. The chairman is also the external spokesperson for the MB012 committee.

Secretary The Secretary is the focal and distribution point for all official correspondence (working documents within the working group) to the committee and the International Standards Organisation as well as to the wider project management community. The Secretary takes minutes during the meeting and distributes the minutes after the conclusion of the meeting, and is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of all supports systems, as well as the distribution of progress updates on committee work to the wider project management community.
Working Groups

Working Groups are made up of Subject Matter Experts who provide specialist expertise (as individuals) in developing, editing and reviewing the Australian input into any new standard, as well as the reviewing of and commenting on the ISO standard drafts and outlines at all stages of development.

Working group members are selected by the CAG based on the knowledge and specialty requirements of the Committee and on a cross sector representation for the working groups.

A working group is established when a new standard is approved for development by ISO.

Working Group Conveners

The Convener is the manager of the working group and represents Australia at International meetings relating to the standard. S/he is responsible for responsible for:

  • Receiving ISO standard drafts and outlines from the ISO WG representatives during all stages of development and circulating them to all WG members.
  • Coordinating all WG tasks and activities, monitoring of progress of tasks, and guiding the WG discussion to reach consensus.
  • Developing any necessary tools and proforma's necessary to enable WG functioning.
  • Ensuring the WG fulfills its role and meets the deadlines stipulated by the ISO working groups and committees.
  • Distilling of, editing and compiling all WG inputs/reviews/drafts into a meaningful form and a suitable format and providing to ISO WG representative for submission to the ISO Working Groups.
  • Participating in MB012 Committee meetings and in the CAG meetings and all their axtivities as described in this document.
Study Group

A study group is sometimes convened internationally prior to a standard being developed to investigate the feasibility and scope of a proposed standard. The key difference to a working group is that the proposed standard has not been approved to proceed by ISO

Public Consultation Panel (PCP) When a public draft is available for comment, we will activate a PCP to provide input and promote the standard within the Australian project management profession.


Standards Australia Project Manager
Eddie McGuire
Email: Eddie.McGuire@standards.org.au
P +61 2 9237 6035